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Fundamental, Foundation & Basics (FFB)

Designed for students who want to learn Mambo or NY style on2 – no matter how much experience you have.

Comfort & Confidence is key to starting something new, and learning it correctly is the key to this class.

You will learn how to lead and follow basic partnerwork with precision and implement fundamental techniques to make your growth sustainable.

  • Basic Shines
  • Timing work
  • Lead / Follow techniques
  • Social Dance confidence
  • Educating the BASICS

This class is an essential component for anyone truly looking to learn Mambo and understand its fundamentals/foundations/basics.

Its a good chance to take your dancing skills to the next level, under the guidance of Super Mario & Kristina.

Kristina Dancing


Having completed the FFB class, knowledge from there will further develop your skills to the next level to improve your dancing and the “FLOW” in Mambo / NY Style on2.

This class will provide an in-depth examination of timing, momentum, direction and connection concepts that are required for all partnerwork moves. We will introduce spinning techniques and drills in this class for all.

  • Shines
  • Spinning
  • Partnerwork techniques
Kristina Revolution


Learn fun & challenging shines and partnerwork that will take your dancing to the next level.

You start learning points, kicks, hip movements, syncopated steps, co-ordination, flowing movements in your shines, which will become faster having created the confidence from the classes above.

Fine tune the details of your dance, Develop your own expressions in solo & partner dancing – start implementing basic body movements adding flavour to your dance.

  • Intricate Shines
  • High paced footwork & co-ordination
  • Challenging moves
  • Layered techniques
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