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What is Mambo / NY Style On2 ?

Mambo is a genre of music and a dance style that originated in Cuba in the 40’s, that is currently danced all around the world. Mambo is enjoyed throughout the world because of its high energy and infectious rhythms.

The Mambo fever took over New York in the 50’s, thanks to the sound of the Big Bands and their orchestras battling each other in the world famous Palladium Club. The style is a flirtatious dance that includes steps, body movements, footwork, timing and lots of fun. Mambo incorporated elements of other dances like Hustle, Swing, Pachanga, Son, Boogaloo, Cha Cha and many more – and the dance is also known as NY STYLE ON2 (because of its origins).

The NY STYLE ON2 was developed in the 70’s by the one & only, MAMBO KING – EDDIE TORRES. His signature style has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

Super Mario had the good fortune to learn from Mr Eddie Torres himself, making trips across to NY as often as he could to take as many lessons. This ranged from 1999-2007 – gathering as much knowledge as he could to bring back to the U.K. He takes a lot of pride in continuing to teach the lessons he learnt – directly from the source. (You will be learning exactly how he learnt his first steps in NYC)

Welcome to MAMBO 4 FUN.

Dive into the Rhythms of Latin Dance with Mambo4Fun

Unleash your inner dancer with our vibrant Mambo and Salsa On2 classes. Let the rhythms guide you as our world-class instructors lead you on a journey through the enchanting world of Mambo. Discover our range of courses, flexible class schedules and affordable pricing options tailored to suit your needs.

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Have you danced or never danced MAMBO/NY Style On2 before !!!

New Brand

No problems at all – we have designed a creative and constructive syllabus for everyone from Beginners to Advanced.

Our courses are specifically designed to help you discover this amazing world of Social Dancing. We provide Mambo lessons in a positive, professional, fun and relaxed atmosphere in order to accelerate your learning & progress. We offer high quality, high energy and high intensity in everything we deliver and we believe, attention to detail is the only way to excellence. We strive to deliver that which is above what anyone else is currently offering in this industry.

Mambo 4 Fun will provide a thorough and authentic introduction to Mambo / NY style salsa on2. You don’t have to come with a partner, as you will learn to communicate with whomever you meet in the salsa social settings. You will switch partners during the class, giving you the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners to build confidence and learn new things with each other.

Our group courses are 4 weeks a month. Each class runs for 75mins. Every Sunday - right in the centre of LONDON, in a beautiful studio at the CENTRAL YMCA. Depending on your dance level and speed of learning, we will place you in the correct level.

Our instructors are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about Mambo / NY Style on2. With Super Mario’s experience of 25+ years of travelling and teaching, salsa/mambo worldwide and Kristina’s enthusiasm & exuberance, added together, creates a uniqueness of modern learning. We pride ourselves in creating a fun & friendly atmosphere that fosters genuine connections and great dancing – and this creates a beautiful community of social dancers who are always hungry to learn.

We are happy to welcome you to our new baby – MAMBO 4 FUN.

We believe dancing should not only look good but feel good too. Our lessons follow a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand structure to help you build confidence and the best understanding possible. We want you to become the most sought-after dancer on the floor when you social dance.

Regardless of your background, this is for you. FUN, FUN, FUN is our mantra, and at the academy (Mambo4Fun), that's what we commit to providing you, while you immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of Latin Dancing.

Setting new foundations for 24 years.

  • Studio Floor. All of our studio courses are taught on Sprung Floor, Air Conditioned Rooms and include mirrors
  • Dance Syllabus A dance syllabus designed by Super Mario and refined by 24 years of worldwide teaching experience
  • Fun. A learning environment that is encouraging, fulfilling and fun
  • No partner necessary. Everyone rotates partners throughout the lesson
  • Instructors. Highly qualified and trained Instructors that are patient, dedicated and passionate about dancing and teaching
  • Training. Dance training for both the recreational dancer as well as the aspiring professional dancer
  • All Levels. Absolute Beginners to Advanced levels & Master Classes